Cash Earned Daily 

Laid Off Or Locked Down?

What if you could turn some of your free time into passive income from home?

Worried About The Bills? 

What if you could consistently make #10k, #20k or more each day from your computer? 

Not Sure When Or IF You’ll Get Your Job Back?

What if you had the financial freedom to decide on your own terms? 

It’s Time To Reject The Myths And
Welcome The Facts


More money is being spent online than ever, creating unlimited opportunity for at-home marketers


Old school barriers to entry for digital marketing have disappeared - no need to be an ‘expert’


Instead of waiting months or years, now even complete beginners can get results in just days

Desperate Times Call For

Current world events are scarier than the movies.
Covid-19 isn’t just a nightmare, it’s a real life horror story.

Like everyone else, our lives have been massively disrupted by the pandemic.
However, in one way we’re very fortunate:

Of all the things we have to worry about, money isn’t one of them.

With established online businesses, our incomes are secure even during the strictest lockdowns.

The crisis has reminded everyone that there are things WAY more important than money … but at times like these it can be used for good.

Thanks to the 5 to 6 figure monthly incomes we each make online, we can help keep our loved ones secure in these uncertain times.

Sadly, due to circumstances beyond their control, many people can’t do the same.

Maximizing Your Income In A Crisis 101
Buyer Beware

“Pivot” has quickly become the marketing word of the year.

To survive, businesses & independent marketers everywhere are being told
to “pivot” their offers …

To make them more appealing to people now.


Notice how suddenly there are thousands of ‘new’ home
workout programs for sale online?
Not a coincidence.

So because millions of people now need a
to make money from home …


There’s a flood of brand new products from marketers with little or no experience in the subject … OR ...

 Some marketers are just rebranding old & potentially out-dated products, to take advantage of this demand

Key Takeaway?

Avoid Risking Your Money
On Unproven Methods

It’s common sense, but in a crisis people are more vulnerable.

And trusting.

Some marketers will try to take advantage.

So to protect yourself, it’s best to stick with facts and to demand proof of results.

As full time digital marketers for years, we’ve got nothing to hide.

Here are some recent proofs of our online earnings:

Launch on Dec 15, 2014 - Mark Your Calendar

You Can’t Control The Outbreak But You CAN Have
An Income Breakout

Just over 6 months ago, Dawud developed a very simple way to rapidly make money online.

Even though it seemed almost too easy …
We all tested the method extensively.

Well not only did it work …

It Worked Every. Single. Time.

Some days #50k. Others $85k. Often $25 or more. In a single day.

Because Dawud’s a perfectionist, he kept improving and simplifying the system …

Until it became hands-down the easiest way for a complete beginner to make CONSISTENT income online.

It’s Just 3 Step Simple


The Lockdown Protocol
Overview Of The System


The Simple Process
Delivered In Over-The-Shoulder,
“Do This Then That” Video Format


To Easily Scale Your Income

As Profits Roll In, Just Repeat
The Process For Even More

We originally planned on including this method as part of a high-priced coaching package …

… many independent testers told us they’d pay 2K or more for full access. 

That was just over 3 months ago. 

Just before the world got walloped. 

Now, more than ever, people need a proven way to make money from home. 

So instead of keeping this exclusively for customers happy to pay #100 or more ... 

We’re sharing it for a cost so low virtually anyone can get access.

Our Commitment To You

 This is unlike any make money online method you’ve seen before

 You don’t need ANY tech skills or experience

 It’s easily possible to see consistent results in just an hour of spare time per day

 We’ll show you step-by-step how to use this to setup your own passive income business

Your Own Personal
Bailout Package

The Lockdown Formula puts YOU back in financial control ...

Even if you’re in lockdown and away from your regular job or business.

With a powerful, proven online income system … 
That’s paint-by-numbers easy to follow.

This is custom-built for beginners

It can work for you even if you’ve never heard of ‘making money online’

It has a proven track record of results going back months

Tried, tested and repeatable, this is a system you can count on

Works even BETTER in today’s uncertain economy

As more purchasing shifts online, this income opportunity keeps growing.

Unlock Multiple,
Constantly Growing Income Streams

As simple as The Lockdown Formula is, it’s incredibly scalable.

If all you want is a few extra hundred dollars a week, that’s easily possible in very little time. 

But if you want to grow this into a job-replacing, even lifestyle-changing passive  income …  

This method has all the firepower to make that happen. 

Obviously We Don’t Expect You To Just Take Our Word For It
Here’s What Independent Users Of
Lockdown Formula Are Saying:

Dan Otega Jr

"The lockdown formula is a proven method I use to successfully help support my 51yr old mom. It's also the same formula my mentors have been using the past few years to help them produce massive results!"

Cynthia Benitez

"The Lockdown Formula is a great course for anyone that has never done anything online. Albert, teaches everything very clearly and without any fluff. By the end of the training, you will know all the foundations to have a successful business online and on top of that, you get a very useful software to make the whole process much easier."

Ibrahim Onuma 

"The best advice I can offer anyone dealing with the current lockdown is to not waste this time. Learn how to make money online and you'll never have to worry again. That's exactly what you get with the Lockdown Formula. It's and it works."

Uju Benita

Are you frustrated with the current state of affairs in the world right now? Totally understandable. If so, then the Lockdown Formula's got you covered, & is prepared to ease the pain. Start taking control of your own future. Take some precautions & then come out ready to crush it. Lockdown Formula will be your vehicle to crush it.

A Closer Look Inside
The Lockdown Formula

You already know that more people are spending more money online.
This method lets you help people find what they need, saving them time and often frustration.

And you collect a ‘finder’s fee’ when they complete their purchase.
The best part? It’s extremely easy, fast and fun to do!


Everything You Need
Is Waiting Inside

Detailed Overview Of
    The Lockdown Formula

Uncover the unique formula that makes this proven method stand out from other ‘systems’

Complete Over-The-Shoulder
Video Guides

See exactly how to turn the Lockdown Formula process into passive cash, with no guessing or missing pieces

All The Resources You
Need To Succeed

This is a complete method and includes the resources to make it work


Dedicated Support

We’ve got your back and are happy to answer any questions you might have along the way

In Case You’re Thinking
“This Sounds Too Good To Be True” Let’s
Clear Up Two Things Right Now

This Is A Highly Respectable,
100% Legitimate Income Method

There’s no MLM or spamming involved, this is a straightforward business you can be proud of.

We’ve simply taken a model that’s been around for decades and made it 10X faster and easier.

This Really Is Completely Recession Proof

In fact, this specific method is even more profitable in uncertain economic times … just like what we’re seeing now.

The market you’re tapping into is growing at such a massive rate it will never be saturated.

PLUS When You Grab The Lockdown Formula
Today You Get These Bonuses

To Take Your Results To The Next Level

ProfitMail: Send Unlimited Email

This will give them a slightly more advanced method for when they are ready to scale up

Leopard Lists

This will show them how to build a list using a giveaway product

Eagle Emails

This will teach them how to market to their list once they have one

Lockdown Formula Is A Response To
A Once-In-A-Lifetime Crisis
So You’re Getting A
Once-In-A-Lifetime Discount

As you’ve seen, early testers of this method told us they’d pay 100K or more for full access.

And although we planned on strictly limiting this to inner circle coaching clients who invest between #100k and #200k ... 

That was before the pandemic.  

Now that the Lockdown Formula is needed urgently by more people than ever … 

We’re SLASHING the cost for access.

You won’t pay #100k.

Not even a FRACTION of that. 

Your one-time cost today is around #0000

An Essential Tip For Your Success

Some people might wonder why we’re not giving this away for free.

The answer is simple: we want people to actually USE this and get results.

Most people never follow through on things they get for free.
We’re seeing it happen even more these days.

Free workout programs, cheat sheets, video courses, etc etc etc ...
All collecting virtual dust.

The simple act of paying - even the tiny amount we’re charging - often motivates
people to follow the system and get the results they need.

So if you decide to pick this up, realize you’re making an investment in yourself.
And then FOLLOW the Lockdown Formula to have that investment pay off.
To help make your decision even easier ...

In A World Full Of Risks This Is A Completely Safe Choice

The LockDown Formula Unconditional

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Invest with confidence, knowing your low one-time cost for access is completely covered.

Enjoy The Lockdown Formula for a full 30 days, risk-free.

Follow the video guides as we show you exactly how to get going.

See how this powerful method can help you start making passive income from home. If you have any questions along the way, our support team will be thrilled to help.

But if in the highly unlikely event you decide this isn’t for you, just let us know … And we’ll refund your purchase..

It doesn’t get fairer than that.
Get The Lockdown Formula Risk Free Now

Get The Lockdown Formula Risk Free Now


Are You Ready
To Take Back Control?

A lot of things right now are out of your control.

Especially if you’re in lockdown, or your business or job has been affected by the crisis.

You could do what millions of others are:
Binge Netflix and gain weight

Alright, it’s TOTALLY okay to do that too 😆
But you could very easily ALSO:

Take just about an hour of spare time each day …
Turn that into a passive income with just the internet …

And potentially scale up so YOU get to decide when, or even if, you go back to work.

Life’s always better when you have control.

This is your chance. Take it.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Lockdown Formula?

Ans. It’s a unique way for tapping into money that’s already being spent online, completely ethically. With this perfectly optimized system, it’s incredibly fast & easy to achieve.


Q. How Beginner Friendly Is This?

Ans. You may have seen some products that claim to be ‘beginner friendly’, then turn out to be the opposite.Lockdown Formula has been custom built FOR beginners … so everything is explained in a way that assumes users have zero previous experience.


Essentially, your ability to get online and read this message makes you more than qualified to follow this method!

Q. How Much Time Does It Take?

Ans. This will vary depending on user goals and motivation.
We can say that some beta testers achieved significant results in about an hour each day.

Q. Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Ans. Absolutely. If you’re not thrilled with The Lockdown Method, we wouldn’t feel right keeping your money and will refund it in full.

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