Complete DONE-4-YOU System Portal

I registered for your DONE-4-YOU system in Oct and started my online business later that week and so far I have been very satisfied with the results I’m getting. I’ve already made about couple of sales and the money is increasing every day.”
– Kehinde James Makinde, Mother of 2, Shangisha, Lagos
“I have always been very sceptical of things like this that I see on the Internet but due to the advice from my wife, I registered for DONE-4-YOU and here we are today. I get calls on a daily bases.  Infact, my friends began to ask questions.
” – Edward, Engineer, - Lagos, Nigeria

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“I want to use this medium to thank you for the done4you website that you fixed just seven days ago I've made my two sell yesterday and today already ,it's real and working I really appreciate you may the good Lord bless and reward you.
” – Mrs Comfort Amadi, Lagos


"As a factory worker I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I was only able to pay for the DONE-4-YOU SYSTEM. Now, almost a week later, I have been able to create a second stream of income with your help. In a few months, I hope to resign from the factory work and face online business full time
“. – Abayomi, Oshogbo "

See Video Testmonial Via Youtube


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Completely Done-For-You 1page Site Setup & Pre-Integrated With 2 quality manual that comprises of Videos, E-books, Feasibility Studies & Business Plans you can sell for 100% profit: 



   1) We will help you obtain a good domain just like my own and build a website like mine for you. We will also set up a sales page on any business model for you. Write out words for words, paragraph for paragraph: DOMAIN NAME , HOST THE DOMAIN, START -Earn 6 figure daily.
  1. 2) We will give you 2 manual and BONUSES you can sell that will trigger your subscribers to buy from you the very moment they set their eyes on your one page system. The site will be optimise for you to start getting organic TRAFFIC so you can to start making daily incomeEarn profit daily (YOU CAN SELL EACH FOR #5K , #7K or MORE) "Sell 2 in a day equels to #14K"
  2. 3) You will get our full walk through tutorial videos and materials on how to put together a quality one-page site, you will equally get business plans for any businesses (Selling of biz plan online is still an untapped source of income online, the potential is high)
  3. 4) We will give you the same blueprint we have been using to direct TRAFFIC or TARGETED people to our pages... We will show you how to place free ads on facebook and anyother traffic source... We will also, show you how to place paid ads and free ads (Only the smart use this method)
  4. 5) We will give you all the software that we have been using on a daily bases to make all our promotion efforts possible, and that includes our golden "automation machines" (Beast of a softwares
  5. 6) Pre-integrated with your payment details (So, you can earn)
  6. 7) Pre-Integrated with Secured & Robust E-payment System
  7. 8) Self-managed Portal (Dashboard Admin)
  8. 9) Highly converting Marketing template and Proposal to BOOST your result by 40-80%. Just copy, paste, Edit and PROFIT
  9. 10) Get ALL the BONUSES (Worth N540,000)
  10. 11) Everything is done for you in 4-7 days...


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no doubt you’ve seen all the talk about online income business over the past year. People are changing their lives and going from struggling marketers to 5 and 7 figure earners virtually overnight with "1 Page Website System Business"   

That’s Because...

When You Find A Winning Business, You Can Go From Zero To Hundreds or Even THOUSANDS

I want you to know before I cracked the code to online wealth creation I was a normal guy just like you…
I was stuck in a 9 to 5 office job…


See, My family and friends thought I was a joke and would privately laugh at me every time I mentioned “making money online”…
I know exactly what you’re going through and know precisely how you feel as I’ve been there myself…
How will you feel if I set up a system that will make money for you on a daily basis and on part-time?
The key to wealth and happiness in today’s world is to create multiple streams of income using diverse business models and combinations of passive and active income in areas where your passions and talents can be most thoroughly engaged.
Some people will say I’m making enough with my paid job. Look, even if you are working with Shell Petroleum, just have it in mind that you are a staff and one day will be laid off just like they did last year and early this year. There is nothing like job security.

Screenshot - 19_04_2016 , 08_51_43 AM


Now This Will Shock You:   



N3.2 Trillion Was Made by Few Smart Nigerians on Online Selling Products & Services In 2018 Alone 

  •         In a world of about 7.6 billion people, we have over 6.8 billion connected online daily.
  •    We have over 52 Million internet users in Nigeria and About Half Are Not Computer Literate and Access Internet Via Mobile.

Figures Don’t Lie – 1 Page Website is HUGE!



Question: How Much of This Money
Entered Your Bank Account?

The industry is growing every day with no signs of slowing down. N3.2 TRILLION in 2018.


With the "One Page Website System" business, you can start from ZERO to HERO... 
You can easily walk away with 6-7 Figures  by next month.

So whether you get in or sit and watch on the sidelines, someone is going to get paid today, this week, this month, etc...  

That someone could be YOU today and that's without lifting a finger, no tech, no research, no copy, everything done for you.


But, here's another QUESTION:



To Bank N500k to N2 Million Monthly From Your 1 Page System,You Have To Setup Everything  100%CORRECTLY!


This Can Take Months And Plenty of Naira If You Do It Yourself...

AND by the time you finish (that is if you finish), you may be completely over your business... and You STILL Will Only Have A Chance Of Ever Getting It 'Right'.   

Chances are you have tried setting up your own "1 page system" and failed miserably.  

The problem isn't with you, the problem is trying to piece it all together and not knowing 100% if you completed it correctly. With reliable domain and host Service Provider. Payment gateways,  and doing all of this 100% correctly so you can succeed...    

There is just SO MUCH you can miss.

Imagine if We can get EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU without lifting a finger.   

Imagine the entire setup done correctly for you by a team with proven expertise and track records. And all you have to do is RESPOND to Clients & ORDERS... and BOOM your one stop all Inclusive Service system is READY.


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Get your own 7 figure One page System Onlinebusiness without lifting a finger. Everything done for you... tech, service provider , research, etc.

Make Money - Bank Up To N250 - N2M and abover per month from your System. Some of our clients start making money from same week.

Affordable System  process unlimited orders without ANY limitation.

Continuous Sells Daily.

100% Beginner Friendly... Includes complimentary training & online coaching for SUCCESS - no previous knowledge.

Imagine if you can get EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU without lifting a finger. 

Imagine the entire setup done correctly for you by a team with a proven track record and expertise.   



DONE-For-You 7-Figure Complete Online Pages Business Setup By A Team With PROVEN Expertise & Customer SUCCESS… 

Create 1 Page System For You & Integrate Your Payment Details, Host Your Domain & Purchase Reliable Domain, Complete Service setup... Everything Done For YOU!

It’s Like Using A Time Machine To Fast Forward 1 - 2 Months of Trial n Error, Hit n Miss, Difficulties And Frustration


I want to hold you by hand and set up the business funnel for you bring extra N250,000 without you leaving your full-time job. If you want to be like me that make money online and take my offline business online to make more money on full time, then you are about to experience something good. You see, I have developed many products and service that I sell online and the good thing about this online business is that I can be in the comfort of my home and still make money.

When I began making money online, I didn’t start as an exporter or developer or consultant, I started as a web designer with no formal cert or expirence. What i did was bought courses online and that was it. Then I started helping others in developing their businesses ...My export journey started when i was asked to source customers for my Uncle`s agro products. Online gave me the answer, that was how my journey to export coach came about. Today, most people know me as MINI SCALE Export Coach, while some call me King of Exporter.

But, today I have learned to use my passion, skills, and expertise to make money online as its the only way left for commoner like i used to be... Online Marketing is the only goldmine i know and i want you to start thinking toward this way for now. I love what I’m doing and I have a strong passion for it

In One Page System Business, you can go from zero to hero by walking away with up to 7 Figure or more next month! We can take care of all the tedious and time-consuming things that stop you in your tracks, by giving you the keys to your new, ready-to-profit "1 Page System" in just 3-7 days.   

And remember, even after we hand over your shiny new site, we don’t just leave you to it!   

We will add you to our training and coaching group, with eBooks, videos and even live Q and A sessions, where you will learn everything, from how to manage your SYSTEM effectively, to maximize your profits.


Why Should You Start Your Online Business?

  • With the kind of business I want to set up for you, you will get products that are developed once and you continue to make money till you decided that its ok. I can sell my videos or ebooks to 50,000. Build it once and the money keeps coming.

  • You can work from anywhere

  • You set it once and it keeps bringing the money
  • I will give you some products so that you don’t worry about creating them. You start promoting and make money immediately.


Related image  Free domain name, hosting for a year= N10,000
Related image  Website setup and product sales that will include your account details so that you can receive payment (Worth N140,000)
Related image 2 Free business plans I’m selling at N10,000 each (choose 2 business plans from the list here) (Worth N20k)
 Related imageMy ebook software on how to write business plans and all the financial analysis templates (Worth N7,000)
Related imageFree video on facebook and internet marketing (Worth N35,000)
Related image My sample business proposal  (N20,000)
Related image Other materials and video worth over (N40,000)
Related image Free 3-month training and mentorship worth over (N50,000 online)
     ...and many more like catfish ebooks, poultry ebook, piggery ebooks, snaill ebook, etc... worth 100k

We understand how important it is, that you start MAKING MONEY. We also understand that you NEED to see returns on your money, that you spend on an advert and more importantly... your time that you put into your Online Recharge business.


Now! Here Is   
EXACTLY What You Are Getting


Done For You 1 Page System

Instead of worrying about how to build these sites and spending days or weeks just to create these sites, let our team of expertly trained staff build them for you! We will do everything from A-Z.   

We take care of planning, content, service selection, choosing the right payment gateway and tweaking things to have a PERFECT Portal. Your website will be designed with best practices in mind, in order for maximum sales.


Search Engine Optimized So Buyers Can Find You

Highly Secured So You Have Nothing To worry

Easy to Maintain

Free domain registration if you don't have one

Mobile Responsive So You Don't Loose Sales

Fast Loading - Reduced Visitor Bouncing

 Highly Customizable

Unlimited Orders, Customers, etc

3+ 'High in Demand' Value Added Services   

We fill up your SYSTEM with 3+ tested 'high in demand' value Added Services. With the preloaded services you cannot get it wrong.


Bonus #1: Software for  DOWNLOAD Millions Of REAL Emails & Phone Numbers From FB  i.e.SIMPLE AUDIENs Software 
See Details about what the software can do 
==> Find Targeted audience from Members of any FB Groups.  
==> Find Targeted audience from Fanpage (Likes, Shares, Comments).  
==> Find Targeted audience from Joined Groups.   
==> Find Targeted audience from any Keywords or any post ID.  
==> Convert user UID to Email or Phone Number. Don't Forget, with Simple Audience you can follow up with them or send mass-email or SMS/Whatsapp to them at ANY TIME! - "MONEY is in the LIST"   

Bonus #2: Premium Marketing Template Highly converting Marketing template and Proposal to BOOST your result by 40-80%. Just copy, paste, Edit and PROFIT  

Bonus #3: You will have access to Nationwide GSM database profiled by State   


Testimonial From Real Student


Grab Your DONE-For-You 6-Figure  
Online Business Setup 



ONE FULL PAGE WEBSITE & Free Manual To Sell + All The Automation Software

With the Below Integration & Features

  • (1) FULL ONE PAGE system
  • (2) SOFTWARES To (Automate) - To aid all the promotion process...
  • (3) INSTALL INSTABuilder Plugin  -(with instabuilder, your website look super attractive for buyers to respond)
  • (4) YOAST SEO PREMIUM- This plugin will help your website rank high for people to see fast...Its called organic TRAFFIC  
  • (5) E-payment integrated- Also with your local bank details will be fixed on the website.
  • (6) Mentorship + Marketing template
  • (7) Get ALL the BONUSES (Worth N540k)
  • Everything Done-for-You in 4-7 Days.


Original Price  

Normal Price: N120,000
Special Offer: N49,999 Only



ONE FULL PAGE WEBSITE & Free Manual To Sell + All The Automation Software 

With the Below Integration & Features

  • (1) FULL ONE PAGE system
  • (2) SOFTWARES To (Automate) - To aid all the promotion process...
  • (3) INSTALL INSTABuilder Plugin  -(with instabuilder, your website look super attractive for buyers to respond)
  • (4) YOAST SEO PREMIUM- This plugin will help your website rank high for people to see fast...Its called organic TRAFFIC  
  • (5) E-payment integrated- Also with your local bank details will be fixed on the website.
  • (6) Mentorship + Marketing template
  • (7) Get ALL the BONUSES (Worth N540k)
  • Everything Done-for-You in 4-7 Days.

Discount Offer Today

Special Offer: N40,000 Only



Another Testimony From Real Benefactor



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


   How does it work?

Our team of experts will set up a premium 1Page System/Portal for you, preloaded with full sales page oriented Services then give you Marketing Templates and training.


   Is this beginner friendly?

YES. There is no previous knowledge required. After the setup, you will be also given a simple step by step training tutorials. If you do get stuck, we also have a support desk or quick WhatsApp support to help out fast.


   How long before I start making money?

Some of our users made sales from Day 1, some after a week, BUT we cannot guarantee any sales as results differ. We will continue to support you till you succeed. We give everything you need - tech, copy, ads, emails, etc.


   How long will the setup take?

4 - 7 working days. When you order, you will be immediately assigned to a consultant or myself who will work with you closely.


   Is there a guarantee?

YES. If we don't deliver your 1-page website system Portal and everything as promised, simply send us an email and we'll issue you a 100% refund. That's how sure we are you're going to absolutely love it. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


 Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 

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