How to create the Perfect Sales Quote

How to create the Perfect Sales Quote


Ever wonder why your sale quotations are often ignored or not responded to? There could be something missing from your pitch that’s keeping you from striking gold. While repeatedly unanswered quotations are frustrating, they also demoralize business owners and sellers. We list down the most important points to keep in mind while preparing your next export sales quotation.

Opening statement

A Sale quotation is the first impression that you make on a prospective buyer and it is an opportunity for you to leave a maximum impact. Understandably then it is imperative that before you list down the details of the quotation, you inform or educate the buyer a little bit about your business. He may be only interested in one of your products, but it is always a good idea to inform him about the vast array of products that you do business in which in turn shows credibility and helps in trust building.

Keep the language very simple and in line with your buyer’s preferences. Usually, plain and simple English is often successful in putting the point across as opposed to fancy industry jargon that might confuse your buyer.

Seller Information

This is the part that buyer usually jumps to, considering their inbox is flooded with seller quotations.

The seller’s name, address, contact information (Both phone number and Whatsapp), and email address.

While preparing the quotations, ensure the following details are mentioned

  • Seller’s Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Year Established
  • Website
  • Phone No:- Business Line
  • Phone No: – Whatsapp No.
  • Email Address
  • Country

Product Information

After the professional introduction, it is time to come right down to the business end of it. Your product description needs to be concise, and informative and must include relevant documents or certifications supporting your quality-based approach to doing business. The following information must be included to ensure you’re able to convince the buyer he is dealing with the best product quality in the market.

  • Product Name
  • Grade or quality
  • Product quality Certifications
  • Production year
  • Country of origin/manufacture
  • Pricing/Order quantity/Delivery timelines

Payment/Shipment Terms

Most buyers are concerned with the good price and safe, successful shipment of the consignment. Additionally, many of them now firmly believe secure payments are the right way to do business. Present this part of the quotation very carefully. Selling price, payment terms, and minimum order requirements all need to be highlighted

  • Currency
  • Minimum Quantity sold
  • Price per unit –
  • FOB Price (Source Port): $X, XXX.XX -$X, XX.XX
  • CIF Price (Destination Port): $X, XXX.XX -$X, XX.XX
  • Payment terms (L/C, TT, CAD)

In addition to the above pivotal information, it is also important and sometimes necessary to provide a sneak peek of the product or its quality you wish to sell. List all your product categories with images, and if possible, product videos. You can mention the same in your quotation.

Sample Sales Quotation


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