Kolanut And Bitter Kola Export ( Foreign Buyers )

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Do you desire to venture into the export of agricultural products like bitter kola, ginger, kola nut, gallstone, etc or do you want to make up to 200% Return On Investment? Then worry no more because I’m willing to give you direct contact addresses of companies that I’ve used who are willing to buy these products in large quantities.

I’ve been in the export of agricultural products for about 12 years and I’ve made money exporting these products to my reliable local and international customers.

Do you know that kola nut is an important commodity that can be exported to manufacturing companies outside Nigeria? Yes! That is the same kola nut that is usually known as “Goro” and “oji” This caffeine-based edible seed is often used ceremonially by West Africans and mostly Nigerians to show a gesture of friendship, warmth, and peace.
In the western world, kola nut extract is used in the production of beverage drinks, energy drinks, cosmetics (e.g. beauty soaps and creams), chewing gums, sweets, etc.

Medically, Kolanut and its products have many benefits; it aids digestion, helps with weight loss, energy supplement, anti-depressant, decreases high blood pressure, and acts as a pain reliever,  to mention but a few.

The Demand in the Local and International markets is of enormous value in the local and international market with India, China, Europe, and the U.S.A as major buyers. There’s high demand for it by industries that require kola nut as their raw material. They include Energy Drink Producers such as Red Bull, Passion, Bullet, Power Horse, etc. Juice and Soft drink Producers – Fruit juice and popular soft drink producers like Coca-cola and Pepsi use Kolanut extract in their production. Beverage/Tea Producers Examples are herbal tea, mate tea, green tea, etc. Kolanut extract is also used by producers of beauty products, wine, sweets, and chewing gum producers.

You can buy kola nuts in large quantities in the western part of Nigeria. They can be found in the following states: Osun State – Owena, Ikirun, Faforiji, Garage Olde (Ife East), Ijebu Jesa, Esa Oke, Odo-Ijesa, Iperindo, Ise Ijesa. Ondo State –  Ogbese, Owo, Ore Others are; Oje and Shasha markets in Ibadan, Sabo market in Ile-Ife, etc How much do you need to start exporting kola nut? You can start on a small scale with N100,000 or if you have between N100k, 000 to N150, 000 it’s better off.

Given that kola nut is in high demand in Europe and U.S.A and a large supply of the commodity can be sourced easily in our country. It, therefore, means that exporting kola nut to America and Europe is a lucrative business. And whoever starts exporting this commodity to foreign buyers will be making tons of dollars on a regular basis. So do you want to become an exporter of kola nut and make big bucks? There’s a detailed e-book manual on kola nut that explained how to be successful.

This ebook contains the following important information on the kola nut export business:

Where to buy cheap kola nuts in Nigeria.
How to process kola nut for export.
How to contact foreign buyers of kola nut. (America and Europe) I will show you 10 genuine buyers (Local and International) where you can make big money within a month.
How to receive payment for your commodity. in Nigeria.
For more info on the ebook, contact me:
Whatsapp: 08039454675

Note: You don’t need to register with (Nigerian Export Promotion Council) NEPC before you start the business but it’s necessary to register with them, especially when doing the export through shipping and in tons. But this info is for those who want to start from small scale to large scale.

To your success. See you on the other side.
Engr Albert