Mahmood Yakubu Colluded to Declare Tinubu President-Elect – Kenneth Okonkwo

thank you [Music] the labor party has now come out to say that it will fight in any Injustice perpetrated against Nigerians through all legal and peaceful means after inec declared the APC candidate as the winner of that election the vice presidential candidate of the labor party Yusuf Ahmed dati says the election was conducted in violation of the agreed promised ionic rules and guidelines and he’s been speaking at a press conference earlier today where he said that he what the labor party was planning to mount a challenge against Mr tinubu’s election victory of the state and leaders that were supposed to ensure this sanctity of the election again and as in the past collaborated and colluded to subvert the will of the good people of Nigeria please be assured of our determinations to fight the injustice that have been perpetrated on Nigerians through all legal and peaceful means while painful we implore you all to please remain peaceful and calm as our fight and determination for a new Nigeria is just beginning it doesn’t matter how low the confidence it is in the Judiciary the law is the law and what’s even look there’s a confidence we have in them and there is the confidence we have in ourselves and in our case these are two different things the confidence we have in ourselves and in our case is that elections so to see were not held because from the polling units the Electoral act 2002 as amended provided the direct transmission of results it is that transmit direct transmission of result assist elections were held that’s Yusuf datty Baba Ahmed well let’s turn to the allegations being presented of fraud lack of transparency and violence and for an assessment we’re joined now in the studio by the Nollywood star lawyer and spokesperson for the labor party’s presidential campaign Council Kenneth OK Google thank you very much indeed for coming in thank you very much and thank you viewers at home for joining us I think many people including International observers agree that there was some evidence of things like vote buying violence and some people being disenfranchised by the failure of the technology and by a measure of intimidation well the question is how widespread was it it is as widespread as The Observers who made the comment respectfully I want to tell you that all of them not some the EU their cause the AU the csos both in Nigeria and internationally they came to one conclusion according to thambo mbeki say inec destroyed the trust of Nigerian people in the process in a democracy the process is more important than the result and the process of conducting an election is very clear I participated in this election you go to the pulling boat you are credited by the Beavers you go votes at the conclusion of the matter the vote is counted the vote is announced publicly the vote is transferred through electronic transfer to This Server to level of authentification through transfer the frost is uploading to the irf portal which is snapping the hard copy of the manual result and uploading it which inec was doing even before the authorization of electronic transmission inec yearned until Nigerian people and Nigerian people fought to grant them electronic transmission of results the only reason for the amendment of 2022 electoral Act is electronic transmission of result to remove the Mischief of the manual correlation centers where Nigerians have unanimously agreed is the albatross for free and fair election in mahmoud’s inec in 2023 presidential election Mahmoud bypassed the process of transferring electronically the result of the presidential election intentionally and willfully in order to manipulate the election to pronounce volatinobu the president elect why did I use the word willfully unintentionally anybody telling you there was a glitch in beavers is the first liar of this election there were three elections conducted on the same day no beavers I repeat no beavers malfunctioned we were accredited by vivasi the normal function we were counted announced they transmitted the result of the senatorial election Vivas was beautiful they did it with the House of Representatives beavers was on top of the game then in the presidential election they are telling their own Foods not us that Diva suddenly started malfunctioning no he did not malfunction there was a deliberate attempt to make sure that the presidential election is not transmitted so that they will Resort illegally and criminally by the law section 60 subsection 4 of The Electoral Acts made it clear count and announced the result in the pulling unit transmit and transfer in the pulling unit subsection five so the pulling unit Independence in the conduct of our election is sacrosan and anything beyond that is not only illegal but criminal subsection six very clear anybody that contravents this procedure has become a criminal and she’ll be sentenced to jail you will either pay a fine of 500 000 naira or go to jail for at least six months so all the inec officials that committed crime in front of Nigerian people and now by law criminals and again well they haven’t been found guilty yet the finding of guilty is to punish I’ll give you an example in law if somebody has a land and you know your own land somebody is building on it and you don’t scream and you keep quiet to finish when he finishes that land belongs to him so when someone is stealing from you even in the local parents you have to shout thief thief so that people will help you to apprehend them in the local Palace you have to shop only only if you don’t do it you may just be found guilty of country put three negligence so the issue here is not that day the court is for them to be punished the First Act in criminal proceeding is complaints the court has to find them before it punishes the actor’s not finished yeah in 64.

Subsection 4 the ACT say you cannot collect shall you cannot connect or announce results until you confirm and verify the results with the results already transmitted and transferred recorded in the Beavers the accredited voters and in number of votes in the Believers section 64 subsection 4 subsection 5 and Inception six he said if there is a dispute in other words somebody says look at what I have is different from what is in the Divas he said you would have to stop compare with the result in the beavers and if there is contradiction the one in the Beavers prevails chairman is the chief returning officer in the issue of presidency there was no beavers at all throughout and he went on to collect and announce making it a criminal offense again according to something 64.

All right you’ve laid out the law and you understand the process but somewhere you would say going by your you know analogy of shouting thief thief yes you could incite people yes yes okay you could incite people to Jungle Justice if you do that some may say that and that’s what the government party is saying that there is a proper Channel which is the courts you you seem to have all the evidence you understand the law and what has been done here why are you so afraid of going to the courts because that’s what the government party is saying that you’re afraid to go to the course well In fairness actually the labor party has come out today to say that they are going to although they happen right before you talk about healing when there is a disease you have to analyze the pathology the pathology of this case is that there was a rigging if there was no reasonable suspicion that there was no election at all as a matter of fact in the eyes of the law there was no election at all as long as there’s no transmission from the pulling unit and look at I know you know this country the level of impunity is really very insulting you know what they’re telling us they will soon finish uploading the results and they have after the fact 40 000.

I have 176 000 plus but after announcing after collating and announcing which is a criminal offense as a matter of fact they are admitting to Nigerian people to the crime now what are we saying what I’m telling you is that if you don’t cry thief thief thief now what are you going to call to do and I told you that the First Act in criminal procedure is complex but you you didn’t have who am I excited okay let me let me ask you uh uh so if somebody wants to steal your goats in your house you say no allow him to steal it first I don’t have a gut my mistake what do you do okay great great okay secure your goats let’s go back to the pulling unit because we’ve been hearing from all sides you know in this matter yes at every polling unit as you have stated you know there’s a there’s a there are levels to the process at the polling unit you had agents they signed on to these results they watch them being uploaded or maybe not at the word level they did the same it got to the state and got to the National and then we hear opposition raising the alarm what happened at those levels the polling units to the state level what happened there good if you are following my Twitter I raised alarm on the Saturday by midnight I went there and I’m a leader of my people where we are new elected APC and PDP in enugu state my pulling unit we have about 1 000 customers and we’ve got about 900 and something votes what I am saying is that almost by midnight because I instructed the pulling unit agents that they must remain there that if the result is not transmitted from there is of No Effects they remained remained remained and then reported to me sir the Senate is going the house of rep is going the presidential is not going I don’t need any of the person to tell me that’s a willful manipulation of beavers because when you have three elections one cannot go too good and the third one did not go yeah raises questions and are you being raised alarm before the election on Professor Mahmoud in on channels television Thursday I said he’s a suspect and I have my doubts because if a wreck openly told you that certain tribe that they are migrants in Lagos and you saw evidence that all the PVCs that we are not shared we are sharing the same name and a wreck is defended it if you are the chief returning officer you don’t remove that wreck then with profound respect you accomplish it and we saw what happened I said it that Lego selection is going to come this way we LED in Lagos election by more than 900 and something thousand votes don’t take my words for it take the words of a PDP person in Lagos that Labor led with this amount by their own agents record you know what Pito B one in the political capital of Nigeria telling you that people that are near the administrative headquarters have acknowledged that he is the best administrator he won in the commercial center of Lagos telling you that businessmen at least businessman and ordinary Traders have recognized that he is the best commercially inclined administrator we should have he won a national chairman of apc’s pulling units he won in the pulling unit of the director general of APC he won everywhere in Nigeria not south east west he’s the only person that got 25 percent of the votes in all the geopolitical zones only person and he nobody had more States than him do you want him to kill these people politically before you give him his mandate well let me let me take you up on that question of Lagos for instance because Lagos obviously is the state with the largest number of registered voters and the largest number of people who collected their PVCs so the expectation was that you would have upwards of at least five million voters but they got barely 1.4 million yes um in your assessment all that youth energy is has been either maliciously or apathetically dissipated good there’s no hypothetically it was maliciously destroyed the votes and some of them will open all the places as a matter they were warned by the one battle of Ibarra the tape was out there he said we’ve received directive from the top and made the directive openly he said it openly to his followers power is not served all accounts you have to fight for it at all course you have to grab it at all costs you have to snatch it at off course and you have to run away with it at all costs and this was exactly what happened in Lagos State and the ballet of Ibarra or whatever confess that they received the directive to do that and they want and everybody that if you don’t do that you will destroy you is that in the open and that was what happened in Lagos the one that hurts me is that women we are not even spared of this you saw this picture of a woman whose eye was nearly blinded I don’t know the Savages that we have what I do to women I hold them I cherish them I love them and I make l-o-v-e to them forgive me but I don’t understand my brother takes the conversation in a different direction that you will get a woman whose only problem is that she came to exercise her franchise that you told her is safe and secured and you brutalized her those people are not human beings they are savages okay would you say what happened in Lagos played out across the country uh because even the international observers which started the opening speech with they’d say that this election was largely peaceful even though there were some other complaints uh and you know just to piggyback on Charles’s question because I’m looking at the voter turnout numbers 29 even for a country that has witnessed low water turnout that is extremely low good 29 so would you say what happened in Lagos Playhouse across the country good it is because a lot of manipulations went in in the registration in the first place that gave you a number that is bloated thank God for even beavers what numbers are manipulated now the registration The Collection or the vote they did not see a four-year-old boy who brought out the PVC is there in the open so because they know that eyes are watching them many of such did not come out that’s why I’m saying the manipulation and maybe a lot of the cattle that they gave names that they registered most of them did not come out remember that some immigrants from Nigeria Republican child we are openly arrested in Khan is there it was broadcasted so when they know that the government is serious those ones will not come so when you purge the system already from those illegalities it has reduced then secondly in voting properly you know that people have been threatened they went to Southeast and told them they must sit at home they will not vote of course it was discarded then they went to Lagos and openly told them if you are not coming out to vote APC don’t come out and even on Election Day They carried out the threats so those ones that some of them that had come and heard it some of them ran back then again after devoting remember they have not shown you the list of accredited voters by the Beavers because they willfully destroyed a lot of the votes of the opposition they will not have to bring down the number of accredited voters because one vote above it becomes over voting that’s why you’ve not seen all those recorded voters can you see I’m sorry to say this the silliness of this after collecting and announcing against the law they will now take the collated the results and announce results and carry their beavers and go home and start in putting it not in the pulling unit in their government houses after doing that and they are releasing it at their Leisure to tell you the level of impunity after doing that they will not tell you we have inputed 140 when I next said he had a glitch God can you prove that they’re uploading these results from their government houses very very I know what this is not even any objective not even any oral evidence can contradict objective reality what glitch did you witness in this have you seen any one person complain about that no what did you witness in the house of rep this is the same machine that is organizing the tree one machine that’s nothing is it possible that yes so like your party possible but let me ask you and let me tell you I’m not playing the devil yeah less than not based on this fact good we did see political parties that didn’t have candidates for the National Assembly elections such as your party so in that wise you would have less candidates and less results to upload however when it came to the presidential elections you did have 18 political parties which is more do you think that perhaps that’s why we saw the glitch for the president is it possible and Aina did say in that statement that they had not upgraded to a national election level from an officers and cycle that’s that’s what inec said after collecting 305 billion naira of borrowed money which Our Generations are going to pay for any right neck man that tells you that should be sitting in jail what did he do with the money inec did a mock voting these are all the seats these are the reasons why such poor innocent lady went to vote after doing the mock they said 99 and we are ready okay at that point you notice the so-called glitch section 24 said it has become an emergency you can’t fulfill this law the only choice you have is to postpone nothing else right so let’s just begin you are proceeding right criminality you can’t let’s be clear on the conception 24 said it clearly right let’s be clear on what you’re saying the Crux of your anger and by that I mean that of your party and your supporters and the allegations of rigging is the fact that inec failed to upload in real time the results from the various polling units into its server in order to prevent any manipulation but instead went through the process of manual entry and reading of the results and in your assessment that increase the chances of manipulation and misrepresentation but you don’t actually have any evidence of that manipulation and misrepresentation I am telling you the evidence and your way through it in it well I’m asking three elections were held on the same day you were not told there was any glitch until 24.

Yeah but you made a very good point when she said that the number of people yes who were being uploaded and the number of political parties who are being uploaded for the presidential election could easily possibly yes not probably but possibly could have overwhelmed the system good I not knew the number of Voters I’m not knew the assistant and the funny thing is that in the presidential election you have only one constituency between the Senate and the house of reps you have about 469 constituencers and in 469 constituencies no glitch he was going that ought to crash more each constituency has its own 18 times 18 by 469 that ought to crash more it did not crash nothing happened to it in the presidency one Constitution and they are telling you glitch and they did not tell you the glitch before they started and they said they tested they did a mock examination yeah but with a limited they commenced that’s what I’m saying that was a limited number yes he’s allowed and it worked and they already knew their capacity it’s not something that on that day was when they realized the number of Voters they already knew and then they did not tell us that there was a glitch right until do you know that after 48 hours there was only one state that was announced within 48 hours no beavers no accredited voters nor as in transmission you didn’t tell us there was a glitch it was one Nigeria and started shouted he said that was a [ __ ] meanwhile that there was a glitch it’s not an excuse in law when you want to defend yourself General Traverse is not a defense at all right okay let me let me uh this has to be specific and it has to be mentioned right when which polling unit was there a glitch right throughout Nigeria not one pulling unit sent any result electronically put that their server throughout the whole Nigeria not one pulling unit there was no election I put it to them okay well you’ve made that point and you’ve made it stridently um but what I need to ask you is this if or when this ends up in court and gets into the process of being decided by the courts yeah can you and Nigerians trust that it’ll be a fair independent process do you have faith in the Judiciary when it comes to election suits sadly no sadly and why am I saying that because they can give you Machina treatment but shiru machina innocent poor Muslim trusting in his party APC trust in the untrustable he went for his primary used his meager resources contested when he was contesting Ahmed Lawan was contested for the presidency in front of everybody after that APC said no one is there nominee and when they went to court Ahmed Lawan stopped at court of appeal and said he will not appeal and their party political party went to appeal and yet they gave order in favor of the knowing that they cannot give other positively they now relied on technicality meanwhile Justice the present principle of Law buying by the Supreme Court is that you cannot terminate Justice on the altar of shared technicality that is the position of the law that Supreme Court denied the poor bashiru machine his nomination based on they would have used writ of summons instead of originating service meanwhile in the practice Direction they say you should use originating someone meaning because they want to snatch it from him even if he had to use risk of someone they said no in the practice Direction you ought to use originating someone but Machina said this is open robbery and you know what unfortunately I agree with him so whether I have my doubts oh because you can deliver judgment without delivering Justice incredible so what they are doing is delivering judgment not delivering Justice so what I have my doubts Boku okay Plenty all right two quick things and very quickly um can you define this relationship between labor party and PDP that we’re beginning to see in the aftermath of this election and secondly the president elect for latinovo because he has been you know uh Swan he has been given certificates of Return by inec identifying him as Nigeria’s next president he has given two speeches today and in those two speeches they were reconsillatory most people would say extending the olive branch in fact mentioned in political patches that were in the race with him including the labor party when he said the obedience are you saying you’re not going to be extending your hand to receive that Olive Branch because you’ve gone to court are you considering it as a party what I am saying is that let him give us our mandate we will do a better reconciliatory speech and thank him very well for giving us our mandates and God will bless him that’s what we want him to do saying whether I will accept I didn’t even listen to it I said there was no election how can I be approbating and reprobating what’s the relationship between labor party and very quickly there is no relationship okay what you have when you in that Collision you saw many agents there are they relating because they are sitting together no yeah we have joint press conference because both of us are plaintiffs in this case does not mean we are relating okay we have joint interest we want to address all right so there is no relationship right Kenneth I want to thank you very much indeed and before you go let me make the points that we were supposed to have someone we extended an invitation to the ruling APC party they confirmed they were going to give us a guest and then just the 15 minutes before they were due to go on air they said to us that the guests will no longer be available so let’s just be clear on that Kenneth I want to thank you very much indeed and Kenneth Okonkwo is a Nollywood star lawyer and spokesperson for the labor party’s presidential campaign Council thank you very much thank you very much thank you I just want to make one comment I don’t want anybody to address me by any kind title it came in Nigeria nobody in Nigeria today is Honorable enough to Bear any title what worst of it if you call me Chief because it sounds like Thief so please I don’t want don’t know keep that in mind because to know that I’m a man especially in this modern time when okay let’s go thank you so much Mr Kenneth [Music]