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Making real money in export is undoubtedly a fact. Many people want to become exporters but they truly did not know how to go about it successfully.

Since this product has something to do with human health, it will always have good value in the International market and will make a good profit.

  1. it is highly medicinal.
  2. it is an essential ingredient needed in the food and drinks industries.
  3. it is also needed in pharmaceutical firms
  4. it serves as herbal remedies and dietary supplements for illness.


There is Continuous demand for bitter kola (Garcinia Kola) in countries like; the USA, China, Canada, and some part of Europe.

Here in Nigeria, most of us are yet to know that Bitter kola is one of the agricultural products one can export and make well over 100% profit !.

Yes, you heard me right …


You get one at the rate of #20 with ease anywhere you go, in this country ( Nigeria ). In some villages, you get it for free while in some Areas you can get 2 or 3 for #30



Do you know that the International price for Bitter kola nut is $28.5 per kg in Europe as of Jan 2022?
Do you know that exporting Bitter Kola does not require any Machine for processing as it can also be exported raw?
Imagine you bought the product here in Nigeria for less than N500 naira per kg and, selling for $22, that means, you will be making more than you ever think.


Starting Mini Scale Of Bitter Kola Is Not Hard As People Made It Too…


The most difficult aspect in exporting this product is getting the buyers Abroad. Well, that`s to some people, (not me and my team). Because we`ll show you how to source genuine customers/buyers yourselves.


Now relating to how you can start. You can start with a minimum of N80,000 but with N10,000 you can start with two baskets which are about 70-72 kg from Local markets in Ondo, Osun or the Northern part of the country (Nigeria). … cost more than N60,000 but if you go to markets like mile 12 in Lagos you may get it for #50,000 or below.



After purchasing the products from your source, now the next thing is the packaging.

Packing is simple!!  You can package the bitter kola according to how your buyers specified when you were both negotiating.

Now let me explain how I package mine to be ready for distribution. You will get paper wrappers that you will wrap in 1kg per wrapper. After this, you will get a small carton or big envelope where you will put 7 wraps that is 7kg in each carton or envelope.

Don`t let it exceed 7kg to avoid questions at the courier company or office.




Now per carton or envelope should not be more than #5000 for each. This is just the last thing you will do since you have finished the packaging. For the 70-72kg (one basket) it will not cost you much. They charge 1kg for btw N1,200 to N2,400, and if you are sending out 50 kg you multiple that, I guess it be should like #60,000, while the wrappers won’t cost more than #5,000 and buy them from Local markets will be about #20,000, bring the total to about #80,000. That`s for 50 kg, #50,000 can cover sending 20kg, have this in mind, most of your customers are going to be the 20kgs to 50kgs clients.

Put that in mind…


After-sales though depending on your negotiation power with the buyers,  you are sure of making at least 70% profit. Like I wrote above you don`t need to bother yourself about transportation your customers cover all that. It’s in two ways they either give you their courier account or they add cost to your account. So, you don`t need to worry about transportation through the courier firms that will handle the sending of the products. I also teach about this in my material.


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