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Business Opportunities In Cashew Nuts Export

1). Cashew Nuts & Cashew Kernels Export:

Cashew Nuts and Cashew Kernels are usually sold at varying amounts at the farms, local markets, or processing centers, and are then further resold to international buyers at varying prices per metric tonne depending on the specification, the seller’s connection to the farms, the trade process, and the final negotiations with the buyer.

In all, your profit margin from the export of Cashew Nuts from Nigeria can be anywhere from 15% to 45%.

2). Cashew Nuts Brokerage:

Most people have zero cash to start a cashew nuts export business, and as such, start by venturing into cashew nuts brokerage. Most of these brokers can be found in India, Vietnam, China, and China. They source cashew nuts buyers and sellers and try to make a deal happen in exchange for a commission on the trade.

You could venture into the Cashew Nuts and Cashew Kernels brokerage business by linking a buyer to a seller, and in the process, earning a commission on every successful trade you close.


Setting Up Your Cashew Nuts Export Business In Nigeria

1). Register Your Cashew Nuts Export Business:

The first step is to register a legal limited liability company for your cashew nuts export business in Nigeria. Cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria cannot export cashew nuts without a limited liability company. Mere enterprise registrations are disallowed, and as a result, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and any local associations regulating the purchase and sale of Cashew Nuts will only give a license to organizations that are registered limited liability companies with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For international investors, you can also start up your own cashew nuts export business from scratch from first visiting the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) or investing in a local cashew nuts exporter in Nigeria to be able to get cashew nuts at a far lower price than others would have gotten.


2). Find The Direct Farms and Sources For Exports:

While this can be done anytime before, during, or after your cashew nuts export company has been registered with the appropriate bodies depending on if you’re a local company or a foreign investor, the next step is to source for the direct farms, processing centers, and buying centers that you can procure cashew nuts from at the lowest costs for your international buyers.

Successful cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria always have direct access to either the farmers, buying centers, or processing centers, so they can always get cashew nuts and cashew kernels at the best possible price.

International buyers can also take advantage of this knowledge by partnering with local companies who have access to this information to purchase very large volumes of cashew nuts at low prices.

3). Setup A Proper Business Structure, Trade Process, & Branding:

To make international buyers trust you enough to want to buy cashew nuts from you or even invest in your cashew nuts export business, you need to set up a company that looks internationally reputable. This involves registering with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, building a global standard website that displays what you do, having a registered office address (co-working hubs are great options), creating a corporate profile and brochure of your products, and setting up a corporate email that has your website domain at its extension and read something like “”.

When you set up and organize your company in a professional way like this, international buyers would feel very confident about your business and would tend to choose your business as their preferred partner.

Successful cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria organize their businesses like this.


Challenges Of The Cashew Nuts Export Business

1). Inexperience can cause cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria to either export the wrong specifications, underprice or overprice their cashew nuts, and much more.

2). Your Cashew Nuts en route to a warehouse can get stolen or seized by government officials before their arrival.

3). Too many fake buyers waste exporters’ time with fake inquiries that will go nowhere.

4). Most cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria have little to no access to enough finance to export cashew nuts to international buyers.

5). Most Cashew Nuts sellers have poorly managed supply chains and may sometimes be unable to deliver.

6). Cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria could waste so much time as a result of long-term conversations with Cashew Nuts buyers who have no real money to pay.

7). Many fake Cashew Nuts suppliers in Nigeria make it difficult for Cashew Nuts buyers to trust new entrants.



The Cashew Nuts export business can be lucrative for new and existing cashew nuts exporters in Nigeria. Depending on the quantity the cashew nuts buyer needs, the cashew nut seller’s profit margins could be between 15% to 45%.

Starting an agricultural export business in Nigeria with an initial focus on Cashew Nuts is a way to not just only get into the industry, but a great start to building a long-term business that could someday employ thousands of people directly and indirectly. As a result, joining the growing pool of cashew nuts suppliers in Nigeria is a great way to start up a cashew nuts export business in Nigeria.


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