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Kola is a product of the kola tree. It is one of the country’s cash crops and has a socio-economic significance in Nigeria society. Nigeria is a principal producer of kola nuts producing about 150,000 tons annually of which over 90 % are locally consumed.


Kola is usually in two varieties namely bitter kola and kola nuts. Though the focus of this manual is on bitter kola export, It is important to note that the kola nuts variety can be further sub-divided into Gworo and Igbo Oji. While gworo is mostly consumed in the Northern part of the country, Igbo Oji is mostly consumed in the Eastern part of the country and they play a very significant role in the custom and traditions of the people of the Eastern region.

Kola trees are natives of central and West Africa and are distinguished primarily by the medicinal and stimulant properties of their nuts, barks, and leaves.

Kola is one of the varieties of kola nut that can be found in Nigeria which are mostly found in the southern parts of the country and some of their uses are stated below.

  1. They are used in the preparation of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. They are used in the production of cola soft drinks.
  3. They are used in the production of energy drinks

The product is usually available in the market between March to November of the year.

In Nigeria, kola can be sourced from the southern part of the country. Nigeria is one of the highest producers of bitter Kola in Nigeria.

Though about 90% of the current production of 150,000 MT is being consumed locally in the country, Kola nut is in great demand in Britain, America, China, India, and other Asian countries. It is used for food purposes apart from serving as raw materials in the pharmaceutical and food industry in the preparation of drugs, soft cola, and energy drinks.

This growth and demand for bitter kola are being sustained by the growing demand for traditional medical therapy and the energy drink industry.

It is pertinent to also say at this stage that the business of gallstone export has been going on for quite some time throughout the world, although only very few people know about this lucrative business in Nigeria. The market is large, expanding, and sustainable as the price keeps increasing throughout the world. Those few Nigerians that are aware of it have made their cool millions doing the business.

The product can be sourced mostly from the southern part of the country in the following states in Ondo, Enugu, Osun, Oyo, Imo, Ogun, etc. The selling price is usually N1,500 per KG.


Kola can be traded on a large or small scale. On a large scale, the order would be in tonnage and usually packaged in containers while for the small scale operations, the order is usually in kilograms and through courier companies like EMS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, and TNT.

Kola nut is also one of the products that can be exported to the United States of America through the African Growth and Opportunity Act {AGOA}.


Do you know that the kola nut we chew daily in Nigeria; is actually an important commodity that can be exported to livestock feeds manufacturing companies in Europe & America?

Do you know that the kola nut we chew daily in Nigeria; is actually an important commodity that can be exported to livestock feeds manufacturing companies in Europe & America?


Benefits of Kola Nut


Kola nut has stimulating properties (caffeine) and thus is being used as raw materials by, Beverage, soft drinks, and pharmaceutical companies in America, the UK, Germany, and France make use of large quantities of Caffeine and some other extracts of kola to produce fast-moving products. Products like Energy Drinks, beverage drinks, tea, herbal drugs, Beauty soaps, sweets, Chewing gum, and beauty creams just to mention a few.


Producers of Kola Nut

As we all know, Kola nut is a fruit widely grown in Nigeria, especially in states like Oyo, Ogun, Oshun, Ekiti, and Ondo.


Demand for Kola Nut

And since kola nut is in high demand in America and large quantities of the commodity can be sourced easily in the country. It, therefore, means that kola nut export to America and Europe is profitable. And whosoever starts the business and gets as many foreign buyers of kola nut is sure to make cool Dollars/Euros as profits regularly.


Steps To Start Kola Nut Export

Therefore, to educate you on how to quickly start the business I have packaged a Pdf manual for interested individuals. This manual contains the following important information on the kola nut export business. How to reach foreign buyers of kola- nut in Europe and America. Where to source cheap kola nuts in Nigeria. How to process kola-nut for export.



Export in Nigeria is real and profitable but not until you take steps before you can reap the benefits it can offer. Take a step by ordering our well prepared guide and you will never regret it!


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