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Where To Source Melon Seeds …


Packaging Melon Seeds
You too can start an egusi export business to earn foreign income. With less than N100, 000 only you can make almost 70% cool profit as you package grounded Melon seeds (egusi) in 1kg or 2kg packs for export to Europe and America. With the current devolution of the Naira by the Federal government of Nigeria, I believe you can make it to export Melon (Egusi) abroad.

To enable you to start grounded melon seeds (Egusi) export business in Nigeria you need to be guided.

How To Export Melon Seeds (Egusi) From Nigeria

To help you start and make a profit from exporting grounded melon seeds (Egusi) from Nigeria, I have packaged a step-by-step information manual plus 3bonus export manuals that cost just N7, 000 only.

It is a practical manual that will show you how to process Grounded Melon seeds (Egusi) for export and contain addresses of restaurants/companies in the UK and USA that buy foodstuffs from Nigeria.


How To Get Foreign Buyers of Melon Seeds
Apart from these addresses, I will also show you how to get more contact addresses of foreign buyers who will place orders for your export commodities and are sure to smile at the bank.


.This document was prepared a few days ago to help achieve clearly how to buy, package, courier fees, payment term, the security of your investment, and the right bank to use when you finally start

Inside We Expose #1 – This business will definitely replace your other struggling pay job within days and possibly sack your Boss.
Inside We Exposed #2 – 5 possible Buyers platforms only a few Nigerians like me know about.
Inside We Exposed #3 – With this, you will begin to connect with multiple buyers from major places like the UK, US & Europe.


To be frank with you…

This product can be opened on your phone, laptop, or desktop… You can carry it around, travel with it, and still use it anywhere. You can transfer it to your loved ones. This has helped many Nigerians and It can help you escape your slavery job. Stop making your Boss super millionaire and start building your own.

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Short Testimony from Emeka

“Sir, am grateful for helping me kick start this business last month, just like yesterday I doubted this and today am testifying the simplicity of this business. Thanks once again, sir.”

– Chuwkuma Emeka


How To Export Melon Seeds (Egusi) From Nigeria

Melon seeds are rich in fat, vitamins, and protein, it can grow just about anywhere in Nigeria.

Melon seeds (Egusi) is widely available in most markets in Nigeria and currently, one milk cup of Melon Seeds (Egusi) sells for around N200

The demand for Melon seed (Egusi) is high both in Nigeria and abroad.
You can earn dollars, Pound Sterling, and Euros when you package Melon seed (Egusi) in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and then export to buyers in foreign countries like the UK, Europe, US, and Asia.

Melon Seeds (Egusi) Export Procedure
You may want to ask who are the foreign buyers that consume Melon Seeds (Egusi) abroad? Well, the people that demand Melon (Egusi) abroad are mostly Nigerians and African restaurant owners. One Kilogram of packaged grounded Melon Seeds (Egusi) in the US sells for between $10-30/kg

Here Is The Information Inside The Doc.

The ABC Of Melon Export To Overseas

 Sourcing For Prospective Buyers Overseas Through The Internet & How To Identify Genuine Serious Buyers.

Standard & Acceptable Melon Export Product Selling Price Determination

The Best Packaging Pattern For Melon Products To Oversea Countries

Insider’s Secrets For Exporting Melon Via Courier, Sea Or Air.

How To Detect and Avoid International Trade Scams And Fraudulent Importers.

Where/How to Source Products Locally

The Guaranteed, Tried, And Tested Way To Get Paid By Overseas Clients.

How To Attract Hundreds Of Importers To You Simply By Moving One Step Ahead Of Others

The Guaranteed Way To Get Genuine Melon Importers To Do Business With You

The Risk Involves In The Melon Exportation Business And How To Avoid It Effectively

Special lecture From Veterans Nigeria Melon Exporters Who Have Attended various Seminars Outside The Country, This Is A One In A Life Opportunity To Synergize With The Experienced Melon Exporters Who Presently Cannot Meet The Demand Of The International Market, You Can Help Them Source For Some Of These Product, They Can Also Help You Get A Ready Made Buyers For Your Chosen Product Abroad.

Lecture from a representative of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN).

How To Turn Your Melon Website To 24/7 Money Making Machine This Super Lecture Is Tailored Specifically To The Foodstuff Exportation Industry.


Advantages Of This Business Over Other Export Business


It is highly lucrative.

There is no payment of Tax or any levy on your business
Physical office is not required; it can be done from home.
The demand exceeds the supply in the international market.

Prompt payment and collection of money/cash.
It can be combined with other businesses.
Low start-up business capital.
It is an all-around-the-year business.
Melon can be exported many times within a month.
It does not require an export license like other export biz.


Who Should Grab This Material

Individuals wanting to learn Export Business.
Individuals seeking financial freedom.
Individuals looking to expand His/Her financial cost or add to their income.
Individual considering quitting His/Her present job.
individual looking to save time by learning from Bitter kola Export Experts.
Individual looking to build advanced powerful Exporting links with Foreign Buyers.


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