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Exporting sesame seeds from Nigeria is a lucrative venture. Unfortunately, most people fear exporting business. Ask any unemployed youth if he likes to do exporting business, he would say no. Why is that so? Why do many people fear exporting business? Most people have the wrong idea that exporting is capital intensive. Therefore, the reason that exporting business is for the rich class. Thus, many have stopped making searches for exporting. With this article, we will demystify the export business. Furthermore, we will empower many with a money-spinner – exporting sesame seeds from Nigeria.


Consequently, this article exposes the real buyers of sesame seeds. In addition, the article will state where to find sesame in exportable quantity in Nigeria. Equally, we will state how to locate buyers of sesame. Lastly, we will expose our ardent readers to how to characterize sesame for market value enhancement. Read free and thank us by publicizing this information to teeming Nigerian youths and to whoever needs it.



The main states that manufacture sesame seeds are Benue, Jigawa, and Nasarawa states. Other producing states are Kebbi, Gombe, Plateau, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Taraba, Kaduna, Cross River, and Kwara, states. The following local markets are places to purchase sesame seeds in bulk quantities:

  • Kefi and Lafia markets in Nasrawa state.
  • Markets in Markurdi Benue state
  • Kaduna state – Shaba, Kantin Kawari, and Babadu markets
  • markets between Bernin Kudu and Guaram in Jigawa,
  • Markets around the boundary areas of Ebonyi and Cross River states



A huge market exists for sesame seeds. Importing countries include India, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, UK, Germany, and the United States of America. Other buyers are Middle East states, Turkey, China, etc. As of quarter one of 2020, Japan was rated the highest importer of sesame from Nigeria according to data from the Federal Bureau of statistics. In that report, sesame is the most traded agricultural product from Nigeria in quarter one of 2020. Hence, you can see that many Nigerians are already taking advantage of this oil-seed – sesame.


As I said in the opening paragraph of this article, the word export evokes some readymade reaction from most people. When some Nigerians who are looking for a way to make money hear about export, they immediately shy away. This reaction stems from the mindset that exportation is for a certain level of individuals in society. Contrary to such thoughts, any business-oriented person can do exports. You must not be a producer to export goods. No huge capital is required in exporting sesame seeds from Nigeria. Recently, the demand for sesame is rising. This is understandable, considering the huge benefits of sesame to the food and medical industries.



Rather than dwelling on your inabilities, it is time to develop a can-do attitude. The world has no provision for the mentally lazy. In specific terms, do the following:

  • Firstly, register an enterprise if you do not have one
  • Secondly, get all the necessary documents required to run a company. Have a tax identification number for instance
  • Also, obtain export license or exporter’s certification from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council
  • Additionally, go out to the markets for sesame listed above, and see things firsthand
  • Similarly, consult with us as we have various support packages. One of our arrangements allows you to export with our company as a cover.
  • Be computer and IT literate, buyers are online. Our world is a smart world; hence, you have a smartphone. Do not let your smartphone be smarter than you are. Gone are the days when people read signboards to get to suppliers. The internet is a global signboard; post your goods on the internet.
  • Again, use social media wisely. Do not create Facebook accounts to insult anyone, not politicians, not anybody. Sell yourself on the social media platform.



Exporting sesame seeds from Nigeria is a lucrative venture. Many countries of the world are looking for a sesame for food and medicinal purposes. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Nigeria exported sesame to the tone of 49 Billion nairas to Japan, Turkey, and Europe. The demand for sesame is on the rise. Greenfarmproducts Ltd is an expert clearing & forwarding company that makes your dreams come true. Why not order a copy of our well-prepared guide and start exporting like a pro.


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