Ultimate Crypto Airdrop Farming Guide 2024 🚀 | (Start TODAY!!)

Everyone always talks about farming airdrops and making huge profits, but no one really tells you how to do it. Well, in today’s video I’m going to show you my ultimate airdrop farming guide for 2024. I’ll teach you the most common farming methods and all the basics with real-life examples so you can start farming today. Be sure to stick around , because hidden in this video are the details of a massive $5,000 giveaway. So stay tuned for your chances of winning big this Christmas.

But before we get started, let me remind you that this is not financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. This video is not suitable for UK residents. In the UK, cryptoassets are classified as restricted mass market investments, meaning they are high- risk investments and not suitable for retail investors. If you live outside the UK, let’s get started. So before we get started, I think it’s worth reviewing the whys and hows of airdrop farming.

80% of airdrop farming is for low-effort tasks that don’t require a lot of time, but the rewards are well worth it.

Just by completing these basic tasks, you can earn some pretty big airdrops. The other 20% of tasks are more difficult, time-consuming, and often require more funding. In this video, I’ll focus on the 80% of tasks that are quick, easy, and give you the greatest return on your time. After watching this video, you will be able to participate in every potential airdrop.

But the question remains why do people do airdrops? Well, you put in relatively little and get out a lot. Many people think that airdrop mining is not worth their time, but to be honest, their thoughts are far from the truth. The biggest benefit of airdrop mining is that it does not require a large amount of capital. Therefore, if you start with relatively small capital, airdrop farming is one of the smartest ways to increase your capital.

You can get $10,000 in rewards within a few hours with transaction fees of less than $100. do not trust me? Head over to Twitter to check out some of the rewards farmers are receiving from Arbitrum and Celestia airdrops . The money you get for the time you put in is insane. Additionally, you’ll brush up on your encryption skills and learn how Web3 works.

It makes you a better investor and a wealthier investor. But why does the project need to be airdropped? There are two main reasons. The first is that any new network or dapp needs to build a community. I always say that community is one of the most important parts of a crypto project, and the best way to build a crypto community is to give people money or tokens.

Very simple. The second reason is that when large numbers of people use the network, developers can more easily identify and fix bugs.

So it’s a win-win for everyone. Before we get into the details, I have an important suggestion. When you do an airdrop, you will need a separate Metamask or other EVM wallet.

But make sure you don’t have your entire cryptocurrency portfolio on that wallet. You will connect your airdrop wallet to many different dapps and websites. So you want to keep your primary funds safe. An important factor in airdrop mining is wallet age and transaction history. So instead of creating a new wallet for the airdrop, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies from your main wallet to a new wallet and use your old wallet for the airdrop.

This allows you to get bigger airdrops, so it’s worth doing. OK Enough small talk. Let’s get into the guide. For simplicity, I will focus on agricultural networks, but much of what I will tell you applies to dapps as well. Networks are either Tier 1 or Tier 2 projects.

I’m going to use layer 2 like Linea and Manta as examples because I ‘m growing those right now and you can get involved too.

As I mentioned before, projects reward users for using their network so they can build communities and test their products. Therefore, you will typically receive airdrop rewards for bridging and trading, staking, liquidity, lending, governance, holding tokens, referrals, and socializing. Let’s break down what each task looks like. First, we have bridging and trading.

Bridging funds is the first step you perform on the network, as this allows you to perform all other tasks. Without cash on the web, you can’t do anything. Now, the act of bridging funds will earn you airdrop points. The best bridge is a little Ethereum or some stablecoin. Usually $50 is enough.

This is an important step, so let’s walk through it using Linea as an example. If you did not participate in this airdrop, you can watch this video. You need to make sure you are using an official bridge. There are a lot of fake bridges out there , so it’s important to be careful with the first step. You will typically receive more airdrop points by using the network’s official bridge.

So the first step is to go to Coinmarketcap and search the web. In this case, Lenia. On the Network page, look for “Website” under “Official Links”. Once you visit the website, you should find a link to the official bridge. Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper, but usually you’ll find it quickly.

Linea uses Metamask Bridge as its official bridge, so let’s bridge some ETH to Linea. The first thing to do is connect your wallet. Remember, make sure this is your airdrop farming wallet. You then need to select where you want to bridge (in this case Ethereum) and then where you want to bridge (i.e.

Linea). After that, enter the amount of ETH you want to bridge and select the cryptocurrency you want to receive, I left it as Ethereum. The last step is to confirm the transaction. You can see the cost of gas here. This is something you should always be aware of as it can be expensive.

Blocknative is a great way to track gas.

If gas prices are high, you can wait for them to go lower or bridge via a cheap network like Optimism. But you almost always get bonus points for using a native bridge. So make sure to go back and use it when gas prices are lower. However, some bridges only work with Ethereum, so you may need to pay a fee or use a third-party bridge.

Talking about third party bridges using these would be really beneficial. Orbiter Finance and Stargate Finance are two good options as they give you the opportunity to farm multiple airdrops at the same time. Let me explain. Let’s say you want to move from the Base network to Manta using the Orbiter Finance Bridge. This will give you airdrop points for three separate airdrops.

Orbiters are doing their own airdrops, so using their bridges will net you more points. Transferring funds from Manta to Base will also earn you points towards potential airdrops on both networks. So one deal triples your airdrop farming potential. If you can find these combinations, airdrop farming can quickly become very profitable. But that’s just the bridge.

In order to earn more points, you need to make some simple transactions using Dex on the web. When looking for Dex, you need to make sure you find a legitimate Dex. What I do is very simple. Go to Defi Llama and search the web. In this example I will use Manta.

You will then see a list of ranked protocols. Scroll down and select a Dex from the list. You can then select “Site” from the Dex information page. This is one of the safest ways to find Dex on the network you want. Okay, now we have Dex.

We exchanged some ETH for USDT on Manta.

Ultimate Crypto Airdrop Farming Guide 2024 🚀 | (Start TODAY!!)

I’m using Aperture Exchange, but the process is similar on all Dex. So the first step is to connect your airdrop wallet. If prompted, you’ll need to select Manta and switch networks. Make sure Manta is selected, then select what you want to swap .

In this example, I’m exchanging a small amount of Ethereum for USDT. When you make these exchanges, it’s usually better to make multiple small transactions rather than one large transaction.

Do this a few times a week and you’ll rack up some big airdrops. Bridging and swapping are the easiest and best ways to farm airdrops. You now know how to do both, and even how to double or triple your farming.

This is how I do most of my farming, but there are a few other things you can do. Let’s take a quick look. Staking and liquidity are another important task for the network to run, so they reward you for performing these tasks. However, increasing liquidity can be complex , and this video focuses on simpler tasks. But please let me know in the comments.

Do you want an advanced airdrop farming guide? Please tell me below. But for now I’m going to focus on something simpler: Offering and lending using LayerBankFi. Go to the LayerBank website and select Manta v2. Scroll down to Markets and select Ethereum.

If you hold it, you can choose something else. From the popup below the supply, make sure to click on “Available as Collateral” and confirm in Metamask.

Once this is done, you can select Supply, enter the amount of ETH you want to supply, and confirm in the metamask. Once you provide ETH, you can turn to borrowing. Just click Save Max , then click the Borrow button and confirm in Metamask.

So be it. You have completed the loan task. The longer you offer or borrow, the more points you earn in the airdrop.

Just remember if the value of your collateral starts to drop. LayerBank will sell the funds you provide so that you can repay the borrowed funds.

OK You now know how to borrow money. Let’s take a closer look at governance. Before we get started with governance, I can’t forget to tell you about the huge $5,000 giveaway. This Christmas I’m teaming up with some of the best crypto projects to bring you some big giveaways. I’ve distributed a bunch of them on Twitter, but this is exclusive to YouTube.

I partnered with Shrapnel and they donated $5,000. So you have a chance to win. You need to make sure you subscribe to my channel publicly, like this video, and tell me in the comments below: When do you think Bitcoin will hit its all-time high in 2024? I will announce the winner on YouTube and respond to your comment within 48 hours.

So please keep an eye out for your notifications.

OK Continue watching the video. This is a simple question. Many projects reward you for voting on proposals. In order to vote, you may need to hold tokens. So this is mainly for second round airdrops.

You usually see polls popping up on social for projects, and this is the case with Arbitrum. Voting only takes a few minutes and in most cases it will give you some points. So it’s well worth it. Every project is a little different, but that’s the nature of governance. Vote and get some rewards, it all takes just a few minutes.

Plus, you’re helping shape the future of this project, which is really cool. Now, I briefly mentioned the fact that you may need to hold the project’s tokens in order to vote. But this brings us to another way of farming, which is to hold tokens. Holders typically receive greater returns than traders. So, if you do an airdrop and get airdrop tokens, you can sell them and make some cash, or you can keep the tokens to provide a potential second round of airdrops for committed holders.

Look, it depends on you and your investment strategy. As far as Linea and Manta are concerned, I would keep them because I think we are entering a bull market and there is no point in selling. But if you need funds, you can always sell or at least sell part of your position. Another area where you can farm airdrops is the recommendation and social areas. Programs often reward you for sharing referral links and following their social activities and even retweeting their tweets.

This varies from project to project, but is fairly simple and low-effort. You’ll get information about these referral-based drops on their social media accounts .

If you see any mention of XP, you can be pretty sure it’s just referring to airdrop points. So, in this Crypto Valley Exchange example, you will receive 10 XP for signing up, and each friend you invite will receive more XP. You can check out another example from Manta here where you can connect your airdrop, wallet, and Twitter profile on their website.

You’ll be rewarded for following them and even retweeting them. Finally, we have tasks. Several projects are starting to make airdrop farming more accessible. As we see more and more people enter the cryptocurrency space, projects will look to reduce complexity to encourage adoption. A recent example is the Linea Voyage campaign through the Interact website.

These activities are beginner-friendly, so if you’re just starting out, these are a great way to start your airdrop farming journey. The Linea campaign is now over, but there will be other airdrops coming soon. Be sure to subscribe so I can keep you informed about upcoming events.

You’ll be able to complete core and bonus missions to earn XP rewards. There is a complete explanation of what you need to do so there is no doubt what will or will not earn you airdrop points.

That’s my complete beginner-friendly airdrop guide. As I mentioned at the beginning, this will get you 80% of most airdrops, which should be enough to get you some great rewards. If you’d like a more in-depth look at advanced strategies, let me know in the comments below and I’ll consider making an advanced guide in 2024. But now, you can take on a range of tasks and add capital to the upcoming bull market.

If you want to see my top cryptocurrencies heading into 2024, check out this video.

But until next time, remember: Farm smart, don’t be stupid, we’ll see you soon..